Complete Bonsai

Welcome to the Complete Bonsai website! The ultimate goal is to have a comprehensive resource about techniques, procedures, tree species, pictures, as well as being a place to come share and appreciate this wonderful art.

Complete Bonsai was started as a page on facebook and has continued to gain followers. Many of the best posts on that page however are now buried deep in the newsfeed. Having this website will make it much easier to get to those important articles; many been essential in ensuring the health of your tree.

There will also be a gallery of inspirational pictures of Bonsai in various stages of development and we will also be curating the best videos and articles that the net has to offer. 

Whether you are curious, just starting out or a seasoned pro you are welcome here. I hope that you get something from it and would also love to see people interacting and even contributing. Enjoy!

Pine Bonsai
bonsai - dead wood
bonsai flower